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70% Dark Chocolate Chunk

There's an age-old maxim in the kitchen environment, of behaviour but ultimately a rule of existence passed on generation after generation: "Why deny it when you can embrace it?" The subject is chocolate. Treat yourself to a granola recipe that takes an ingredient of once sinful decadence, tames it, absolves it, and tops it with a halo. I'm not lying! Low in saturated fat, low sodium, and a great source of fibre and iron, our 70% Dark Chocolate Chunk granola will remind you why our religious ancestors discovered chocolate in the first place! Chocolate Granola

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Dried Fruits and Seeds

Rarely is the beauty of Nature so tastefully captured; if you've ever read Wordsworth, take the time to savour our Dried Fruits and Seeds Granola in vivid reminiscences. If Wordsworth was never your cup of tea, let the sweetness of Earth's bounty win you over! Dried Fruit and Seed Granola

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Blueberry Green Tea

Our predescessors may have miscalculated the centre of the universe, but they knew their polyphenols! You would have to try our Green Tea, Blueberries and Flax Granola to understand the full measure of this conjecture... Why should you, you ask? Why shouldn't you, we say! Get that antioxidant kick your body deserves! Test the benefits of crushed green tea leaves in a product already deemed a source of fiber and iron! Eat healthy and ENJOY IT!! Blueberry Granola

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Ginger and Ginsing

A worldwide investigation into the history of traditional folk medicine opens the floodgates to millions of cases where either ginger or ginseng have singularly quashed the most villainous of ailments... both real and psychosomatic, in fact. While this is definitely worth exploring, so is the Arctic Circle; so let us put aside our medicine man and blend our specialty granola mix in his stead!
As a sidenote, our ginger is cooked and crystallized in-house by us, so try it (lest we be irreparably offended)! Ginger Granola

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