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Oats and Raisins Cookies

To trace us to the roots of our company ideals and fully understand our objective, try our Oats & Raisin Cookie. Since 1996, this cookie has exemplified fine snacking without the shadow of doubt and it wasn't easy! Through many trials and tribulations, we finally scored our first fat-free, no preservative cookie and to a great response; in fact, thirteen years later, it's still our most popular recipe! Celebrate with us and try one today!

Note: If you like what you taste, try our Oats & Raisin Biscotti for the crunchier experience! Oatmeal Cookie

Chocolate Cookies

Enjoy a Chocolate Cookie without the guilt! Not only are our Chocolate Cookies fat-free, but, like all of our products, they are made without oil, butter, margarine, preservatives, nuts and dairy!
Chocolate Cookie

Ginger and Spice Cookies

"Ginger and Spice, and all things nice!"
That's what we're supposed to say: "All things nice!"
I'm told to look past the devilish blend of ginger and apple flavor splashed with the sinful decadence of lemon icing, a result so delicious it's criminal.. I'm also supposed to accentuate the fact that its low in fat and wholesome too. Ginger and Spice Cookie

Lemon Cookies

What better way to make a light cookie healthy than by adding a lighter fibre? Our Lemon Cookies are not only bright and delicious, they contain psyllium fibre husks, a dietary fibre more than eight times stronger than oat bran and, in comparison, so light in weight that it hardly registers in grams (so don't expect to find it on our nutrition tables!). Lemon Cookie

Chunky Monkey Cookies

Ladies & Gentlemen, we are proud to introduce our very first VEGAN cookie, the all-natural Chunky Monkey, made with 70% dark chocolate chunks and real bananas; it's an egg-, dairy-, and honey-free recipe that's so delicious, it will leave you wondering why we left out the photo. Well, as the old adage goes, why hire a photographer when a monkey can do the job! Chunky Monkey Cookie

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