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What led Rivi to set out on the mission of creating healthy snacks that everyone can enjoy?

Here is the inspirational story behind the creation of Rivi's Guilt Free Cookies.

In 1988, a mid-fielder of a local soccer team collapsed on the field during a game. Not taken very seriously, it was to all the players' shock when he passed away that same afternoon having suffered a heart attack. They saw the tragedy through by visiting their doctors for long overdue medical checkups. Rivi followed suit along with her husband, a player on the team. Though young and slim, Rivi had recently given birth to her third child, and felt her own medical examination necessary.

To her surprise, the results of her tests came back and she was diagnosed with a dangerously high level of cholesterol - four times the acceptable level. She was promptly put on a strict fat-free diet. This brought her cholesterol down to a level which was still above the acceptable level but far better than her original diagnosis. Rivi's eyes were opened to the importance of eating healthy and natural foods!

Rivi loved to bake and was determined to find a solution to develop a healthy cookie that would give her an opportunity to enjoy baked goods without compromising her health. So she began to experiment with ingredients and tastes until she developed her first laboratory tested fat-free cookie - her "classic" Oats and Raisins cookie. In 1996, Rivi finally opened her own business and has never looked back.
Over the years, Rivi has continued to experiment and develop cookies and granola with an expansive variety of blends and tastes, always emphasizing the importance of natural and healthy ingredients.

Products of Rivi's Guilt Free Cookies are baked in a controlled environment. All of her products are baked without butter, margarine, oil, nuts, dairy products, preservatives, artificial colouring, artificial flavouring, nor trans-fat. In addition, only all natural ingredients are used in the baking process.
The combination of Rivi's passion for baking and her hard work resulted in the improvement of her own quality of life, while simultaneously realizing her dream of educating and enabling consumers nationwide to snack wisely; after all, why should we dread a bite between meals if it tastes so good!?

Eat to your hearts content, to health and happiness!